Friday, April 13, 2012

Tangling a Bird's Nest

A while ago, I noticed one of my Facebook friends was involved in a "meet-up" group called, "Handmade Enthusiasts."  I checked it out online and joined, seeing that the group met nearby, and explored simple arts and crafts on a weekly basis.  It seemed like just the kind of thing I may enjoy on those evenings I need a little creative jolt.

Last night, I met my fellow craft enthusiasts to make this silver wire and pearl bird's nest necklace.  How cute is that?  There were about 9 women there, chatting about different artistic endeavors they were undertaking, and I loved listening to all the chatter as I bent, wove and crunched 7 feet of silver wire into this delightful little bird's nest.  It was interesting to see everyone else's work -- mine was much looser than many of the artist's nest and most of them chose colored pearls with gold wire.  I'm a silver girl myself and I'm liking what magic happened that evening.  I'd definitely meet with my new "peeps" again.