Monday, February 28, 2011

Agate Painting Makes its Debut

It's been a long time since one of my paintings has made it's way outside the front door, however, I am thrilled to say one of 'em is part of an exhibition called, "The Observer's Notebook" happening February 28-March 21 at Mountain View City Hall.   My painting on display is called, "layers of Mexico"  -- it's what I observed in a half-inch square of Mexican agate.  It's one of my favorite works because it married two of my favorite things -- painting and collecting rocks.  The painting will appear alongside some of my student's works, where they observed some of my rocks and drew what they saw as well.  Though I used water-soluble oils, the students used oil pastels, then "pushed" the color with q-tips dipped in vegetable oil to give an oil painting effect.  Their work is really great, and I'm especially proud of the kids for persevering and being patient enough to really observe their subjects.  It's not easy for this particular class of mine.  The kids, all teens, have all had a rough start in life; they've dropped out of school, spent time in juvenile detention, walked the streets.  They're trying to get their lives back together and I'm honored to be with them for a short time each week to give them art projects they can really express themselves with.  I think they should be really proud to be part of this exhibition.  I sure am.

A year of adding my own personal twists

Sometimes it's easier to play it safe, try something that's been done before.  This blog is a document of my year of living creatively, trying to do something a little different every day, trying not to take the road taken before, always with my own personal creative twist.  I'm an artist, a woman of many artistic interests, but quite honestly, a master of none.  I paint. I bead. I make jewelry. I craft. I teach art. I love to try new things and hoard art supplies so that I always have that perfect material to try to do that new thing.  Please join me in my quest to keep those creative forces bright and shining in my life, and I'll show you some of the fruits of my endeavours, whether they be creatively beautiful or um....not so good lookin' mistakes.