Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bottle Bird Feeder Gives Me Bird Fix

We've been enjoying our finch feeder for some time now.  At any given time, there are a few yellow, green or red beauties out there nibbling.  The problem is, the little buggers go through a bag of bird seed every three weeks.  This last time, my husband offered to buy a bag and got wild bird seed which the finches don't seem to like.  Haven't seen a bird in four days.  From 20 an hour to nada.  So today, I scrounged around in my recycling box and got myself a guava juice container to use as a different kind of bird feeder that MAY just attract different birds.  I must admit, I got a lot of satisfaction from carving out the holes on each side with a knife -- must be holding in some stress there...be warned!  Stuck a couple of chopsticks in, and viola!  a make-shift feeder to get rid of this giant bag of seed!  Looking forward to seeing what comes a-feeding.

1 comment:

  1. Update...my homemade birdfeeder is working really well! There always seems to be one or two birds on it at all times. the best part is i am seeing a nice variety on there.