Friday, June 10, 2011

Creating Jewelry with Silver Metal Clay - Kath's Daily Bling Fix

Up to the time I moved to the U.S. and had kids, I loved metal-smithing.  It gave me a creative outlet as well as allowed me to make jewelry quickly and often.  I admit I wore far more than I sold, but I have always loved creating my own silver jewelry.  Recently, my friend Pat introduced me to silver metal clay which allowed me once more to create silver jewelry a different way.  Silver metal clay reminds me of a gray Fimo or Sculpey dough, but it's really silver grounds mixed with an organic binder and it's sooo easy to work with.  I just rolled out a small bit, stamped it and shaped it into whatever I wanted.  After that, it's fired overnight and tumbled to make it shiny, and ready to wear within 24 hours!  Here are two pieces I made earlier in the week: one is a pair of triangular earrings I stamped with a bubble-shaped texture, then cut and dried over a folded piece of cardboard.  The necklace, I LOVE!  I used liver of sulfur on top of the bird to make it contrast more with the silver background, then shined it up.  Can't wait to create more bling soon!

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