Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Encaustic Playdate results in Waxy layers of Whimsy

When you were a child,  you called your friend to arrange an immediate playdate and fun was ensuing within the hour.  As an adult, I find my friends to be as busy as I am, and sometimes our playdates are made weeks, even months in advance.  This is the case with my friend Pat with whom I first played with encaustic medium.  I went over to her house, and we watched a "how to" video on encaustic, laughing at the presenter's obvious need for getting things exact and keeping things clean.  It was hilarious, as one of the things Pat and I have in common is a fearlessness in getting down and dirty in our artwork.  The video, however, gave us the push and inspiration we needed to get to work on our new piece. This latest artwork is much larger and I was much more confident and relaxed in making it.  I layered the pattern papers, self-made watercolor paper and homemade flower paper on the canvas, spreading wax on as I went.  This time, I finally felt I was master of the heat gun in making the wax flow!  Stay tuned as I learn to improve my technique with this waxy medium!

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