Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A distressed tile makes an interesting plaque.

I went to one of my favorite art venues, A Work of Heart, in San Jose. It's a wonderful shop stocked top to bottom with craft supplies, papers, stamps, glues, ribbons, cutters, paints etc. and has tables in the middle to do your favorite projects.  My daughter chose to make a textured mug and necklace, and I made a pretty glass pendant and this old-looking tile.  The stone tile is beige and pitted, and to give it a design, I stamped onto white tissue paper, then used a white paste over the tile and then the tissue paper to make it translucent.  Finishing touches included clear acrylic spray, and a ribbon held on the back with a two-part glue.  Not sure where I'm going to put it, but it'll find a home soon, as it's growing on me.

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