Friday, September 30, 2011

A Little Flamingo in My Life

A few weeks ago I attended a local church's giant garage sale.  There was used merchandise from all its parishioners strewn all over the lot, but inside, was a room full of used books.  I was in heaven!  One book that caught my eye was this giant Audobon's Encyclopedia of North American Birds.  $5!  It had photos, drawings and descriptions of every bird imaginable in it and it begged to come home with me.

A few days ago, one of my art students says, "Ms. P, can we do some paper mache?" and an idea was born.  I haven't done paper mache for pleasure for ages, and this bird book was the perfect inspiration for the project.  I made a batch of flour & water paste and ripped up some newspaper, then put together this flamingo I shall call "Percy."

Pink Flamingos aren't something I normally think about, but when I saw it in the book, I couldn't turn the page.  It seemed to want to come alive, and so I did my best.  Painting it was an adventure as well.  I went into painting thinking I was going to go as life-like as I could, and then my brush took over and next thing you know, we've got swirls, stripes and dots going on.  It happens.

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