Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Soccer Ball Painting Dares to Leave my Garage

Whatever activity my kids are involved in, I try and help out in any way I can. Madi's new soccer team is having a fundraiser, so I painted this soccer ball for their auction.  I used acrylics and molding paste for texture, painted on a 12X12' canvas.  

As an artist, I find it scary to put myself out there.  Few of my paintings find themselves outside the garage simply because I am always scared that everyone will think I'm a terrible artist.  I'm always telling my students to embrace their unique artistic style, and I really have difficulty trusting in my own.  Having this soccer ball go out to the public and have people silently bidding on it is "ballsy" stuff for me, and I'm hoping SOMEONE will want it!!!

Bottom line, I wanted to give back to the organization, and I am hoping this gift will be well received, and maybe a baby step for me to start being more confident in my art.

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