Thursday, March 3, 2011

Are My Eyes Really That Intense or Am I Just a Bad Sketcher?

Aaaarg! I gotta say it takes a lot of guts to post this puppy.  I look like a drug addict in this self portrait.  It's bad enough having to look at my ugly mug every morning, much less force myself to look at myself in a mirror and do a self portrait.  Whose stupid idea was it to do a creative thing every day anyways?  I was about to teach self-portraits to some of my students this afternoon and I thought, hey, maybe I should do an example.  That's when I whipped this off in a couple of minutes, and seriously wondered whether I should show it to the kids at all, but then I realized how bad can it look next to a bunch of 3rd graders?    The one good thing I did today was get them all to do proper eyelashes -- threatened them all if they made those big sticks sticking out of their saucer eyes that made them look more like Tammy Faye than a 9 year old.  Just a little pet peeve.  So there it is for you.  Kath in all her scary glory in black and white.

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