Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Giving Microscope Slides New Life

I've heard the old saying that all new art is just old art recycled.  I think this applies to my newest fun craft, making glass pendants.  Going back to my stained glass days when I would work furiously while my baby napped, I would love to wrap my cut glass pieces in copper foil, then run a beautiful molten lead over it to make the nicest pieces.  Making glass pendants uses the same technique, except you are using microscope glass pieces, putting an image in between them, then foiling and silvering around the edges.  I've only done one of these at my crafty friend Sherie's place, however, I fully intend to do more.  A few more times is definitely in order to get a more consistent texture or smoothness on the edges and that darn loop at the top -- maybe it will cooperate next time!  Oh well.  More jewelry for moi.  Happy Crafting!

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