Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ancient Egypt Canopic Jar....for guts or in my case, extra change!

In ancient Egypt, the lungs, liver, kidneys and stomach were placed in canopic jars right before the embalmers began the mummification process.  I thought it would be a fun project for my class of Goth teenage boys to try with clay.  Usually the Egyptians chose to recreate the head of the dead to put on top, but they also put in other protectors such as the cow, ram or hawk.  I chose a cow head, which I'm sure will look much better once I've painted it.  Not a true work of art, but I really had fun, and I know the boys really enjoyed making these jars too.  Looking forward to getting these fired painted...think I'll use mine to hold spare change that I find in my jeans occasionally.

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