Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pinterest Peaks My Interest

Like many of you, I have many blogs and websites that I check-in with, for creative ideas that will spur one of my own, for art lessons for my classes, for personal inspiration.  My uber-creative crafty friend Pat just turned me on to another site that I am sure to check out on a regular basis.  It's called www.pinterest.com, and everytime I've checked it since I heard about it, I have the overwhelming urge to run to the garage and start some creative project!

Check out these adoreable umbrellas in a wreath.  I happen to have a whole box of these left over from a party a couple of years back....you can bet next time I'm heading to Michael's, coupon in hand, I'm going to head over to the foamy section and get a wreath to do this fun project.  Hanging on a door, I think it says, "you are heading into the fun zone." Poifect for my next wild shindig!

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