Thursday, December 22, 2011

Glass Blob Magnets Always Useful, and Sometimes Sentimental

I love a good glass blob.  I put them in vases, surround my candles with them and I like to make magnets using them.  I remember the first time I ever saw a glass drop being used as a magnet -- my uncle, who I adore -- gave me a simple, small glass blob magnet with an image of an Orca whale on it for Christmas years ago.  I treasure it not only because it reminds me of him, but it reminds me of the killer whales I used to see growing up in British Columbia.

I've been making the magnets for fun ever since.  I usually buy the blobs and magnets at Michael's -- usually the 1" ones, and have fun leafing through my magazines for images to put underneath.  Occasionally, I will also paint pictures underneath or find an image on google as well.  Unfortunately, I sold all my magnets at that holiday faire a few weeks ago and completely FORGOT to take photos of them before I brought them to the show.  One of my favorites was the Yoda magnet, which  I think I embellished with a little sparkle. (Martha Stewart has a thin-line glue pen that allows you to draw with, then apply sprinkles on top.)

Here's what they can look like, and an accompanying "how to," should you decide to try it yourself!

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